With Akrotiri as a starting point, you can visit the following destinations - Red Beach - White Beach - Mesa Pigadia Beach - Black Lava Mountain - Old Lighthouse - Round of the Volcano / Hot springs - Therasia - Firos Old Port - Amoudi - Armeni - Aspronisi.

[leaflet-map lat=36.409280519270645 lng=25.403512611209344 zoom=12] [leaflet-circle radius=6300 opacity=0 fillOpacity=0] [leaflet-circle radius=300 color="#ff0000" fillOpacity=1 lat=36.352011202817906 lng=25.403468456230893 message="Akrotiri"] [leaflet-marker lat=36.3490592410762 lng=25.393882623421987 zoom=12]Red Beach[/leaflet-marker] [leaflet-marker lat=36.350429742804266 lng=25.38278834088859 zoom=12]White Beach[/leaflet-marker] [leaflet-marker lat=36.35344866007705 lng=25.377358453686355 zoom=12]Mesa Pigadia Beach[/leaflet-marker] [leaflet-marker lat=36.353276795162266 lng=25.361845681258156 zoom=12]Black Lava Mountain[/leaflet-marker] [leaflet-marker lat=36.35829817788111 lng=25.357098540968387 zoom=12]Old Lighthouse[/leaflet-marker] [leaflet-marker lat=36.437680963020725 lng=25.336853187411492 zoom=12]Therasia[/leaflet-marker] [leaflet-marker lat=36.460486483748966 lng=25.37159797877492 zoom=12]Amoudi[/leaflet-marker] [leaflet-marker lat=36.4619220587287 lng=25.380126144835522 zoom=12]Armeni[/leaflet-marker] [leaflet-marker lat=36.38360752580453 lng=25.34737123204711 zoom=12]Aspronisi[/leaflet-marker]

Click on the pins to see the destination names

Rental packages

Experience a magic sunset onboard, visit popular Santorini locations or opt for a multi-day tour to a different location by selecting one of the lease packages SeaMemories provides.

Half Day Morning Cruise

5h | 10:30-15:30

Embark at Αkrotiri - Red Beach – White Beach – Mesa Pigadia – Black Lava Mountain – Old Venetian Lighthouse - Volcano mountain/ Hot Springs - Fira Old Port – Disembark at Akrotiri

Half Day Sunset Cruise

5h | 15:30-20:30

Embark at Αkrotiri - Red Beach – White Beach – Mesa Pigadia – Black Lava Mountain – Old Venetian Lighthouse - Volcano mountain/ Hot Springs - Fira Old Port – Disembark at Akrotiri

All Day Cruise

8-9h | 11:30-21:00

Embark at Akrotiri – Prehistoric Village of Akrotiri - Red Beach - White Beach – Mesa Pigadia – Black Lava Rock Mountain – Old Venetian Lighthouse – Round of the Volcano/ Hot Springs – Thirassia Fisherman Island – Fisherman ports Amoudi & Armeni for "Oia Sunset – Disembark at Akrotiri

Multi-Day Tour

Contact us for arrangements.

* Prices are indicative and may change without notice.


We don't have to convince you about how enjoyable our trips are... Just take a look at some of the photos taken during our trips!

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A Beautiful Day

Very nice trip with a great captain. As our first boat trip this was amazing. We highly recommend captain Petros!

Otopeni, Romania

The captain

Seek for captain Petros. Your safety on the boat trip is 100% guaranteed. This trip was the best value for money!

Remus A, Romania

The best captain

We had such an amazing day. The captain was so friendly and funny that the time passed very quickly. We had the opportunity to swim and stay in unique places. The boat was full of drinks and excellent food. Thank you for this wonderful experience captain Petros!

Konstaninos M