What is the maximum number of passengers allowed onboard?

The maximum number of passengers is 6 – 7 including the captain.

Are we insured while onboard?

Yes! The boat insurance covers all passengers.

Are there life jackets available onboard?

Yes, life jackets are available for all passengers onboard.

What happens in cases of bad weather?

In the occurrence of bad weather while onboard, the captain will decide on the best way to change the course to a safe place. If bad weather is forecasted before departure, then the trip is postponed or your trip deposit is returned.

Can I rent the boat for multiple days?

Yes you can, but only after consulting with the captain.

What happens if one of our party causes damage to the boat?

In such cases, the passenger is obliged to pay for any repair and/or replacement costs.

Is there any diving equipment available?

Unfortunately not, diving equipment is not available for safety reasons.

Is fishing allowed during our trip?

Yes, but only amateur-level fishing is allowed.

Can we bring our own food, drinks and alcohol onboard?

Of course you can! You can bring with you whatever food or drink you see fit.

Are pets allowed onboard?

Yes! Pets are allowed to travel onboard with you, at no additional cost.

Do you have any more questions?

We are here to support you in any question you might have.